Farsite Airdrop Campaign information

New post about the Farsite game and the rewards available for you to collect!
What ? Are you still not participating?
Don’t worry I will show you and soon after that you go running to hunt for your rewards and increase support to our Farsite community

As I told you before the official launch of the game which will take place soon … You have the opportunity to collect rewards / items but first you need to register:

After completing your registration you can catch a glimpse of the design and also notice the Airdrop flap at the bottom as well as at the top of the screen …

Just click and you will be shown a new rewards screen and other useful information
To be eligible, you must complete the mandatory tasks: join Discord, Telegram and Twitter.
But if you are a hunter you can also participate in other tasks: make a post on your Twitter account about the game, retweet a post from Farsite, make a video review on YouTube, or create an article and also invite your friends. They all give a varied amount of “scores”

Upon reaching a certain number of Scores you unlock
▪️Powerful Starter Ship
▪️Duralumin Container I
▪️Kinetic Mining Laser I
▪️Phase Rail Weapon I
▪️Starter Ship

📌 Note: Increase your Scores unlock rewards and increase your Rank for a better chance to receive a White Crate



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