Galileo Exchange: GE
A gamified day trading platform ft. world’s first 'hyper-active' digital instruments!

Pedro Santos
3 min readDec 25, 2021


Presentation: Hello all, great day everyone and taking advantage of the date I wish you a merry christmas and happy holidays.... I’m in this new article to introduce you to a magnificent platform, which will most likely be a "watershed" in offering you new opportunities and tools that will be useful to you..

What am I talking about? ... About Galileo Exchange "GE for the most intimate!" ... But what is Galileo Exchange?
A Revolutionary Social Day Trading Platform and the gateway to Zero-Edge trading! Zero spreads+ Zero slippages + Zero fees. Simplicity, along with speed and engagement, are our key aspects.
Our goal is to create a trading ecosystem that would entertain and treat its users fairly , also GE is the first to introduce Dynamic Tethered Indexes (DTI), a trading instrument that boosts volatility enabling rapid short-term profits. Galileo Exchange is truly, a hybrid of a Crypto exchange, a Blockchain project, and the innovation of accelerated price dynamics

Galileo Exchange is the definition of a ‘day traders’ paradise!

*Gamification of Financial Markets
* ‘Frictionless’ Zero-Edge Trading, no spreads-no commissions
*World’s First Dynamically Tethered Indexes (DTI’s)
* High Pip Action
* Bonding Curve $BNB Pegged Tokenomics
* COPY Gains
* Trading Tournaments

Galileo Exchange is uniquely positioned as a hybrid of a Crypto exchange, a Blockchain project, and the innovation of accelerated price dynamics. No doubt due to so many aspects and GE rising above the competition …


The Galileo Exchange ecosystem will be operated by the ' CandleBets ’ team, consisting of industry professionals with many years experience in the development
and management of the GE platform

Galileo Roadmap

GELT Tokens

Another thing I couldn’t miss is the platform’s own token, The GELT!!, Which can be used as the platform’s basic asset and will offer you the opportunity to trade without fees, spreads & no slippage... This way, we create a community of HODLers, who actively profit from commission-free trading plus additional VIP perks.


📣Join our community for quiz’s & prizes, trade your assets and take profit



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