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Hi, I’m here again to show you something really cool, we all know that the crypto-world is increasingly present and accepted in our daily lives, like the example of the NFTs, That more and more has been integrated in music, art, games .... but what would you say to me about social media? Not much right!That’s where Glimpse comes in....


What is Glimpse? it was created to a revenue stream for content creators. In an easy-to-understand hands-on way, Glimpse is a tokenized social media, where anyone can upload short videos and instantly tokenize them as an NFT.To give the opportunity to take advantage of talent and creativity of people who, despite being prominent, fight to monetize your network of followers and actions, the Glimpse aims to fill that vacuum,setting out to build a platform that allows content creators to capture the value they create.

From its beginning , the project was gradually gained more and more ,Improving the team , achieving great results in their social media and not least getting partners that solidify and support the entire project, and in my opinion, more to come...

Bounty Campaign

Looking to reward your dear community for supporting, Glimpse is currently running a Bounty campaign... do you want to participate?
Check the Bounty registration:
And go to the article to read all instructions and rules and good earnings

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