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LookRevNFT Launch: 1,000,000 LooksCoin Airdrop
The LookRev team is happy to announce we have launched LookRevNFT integration and its native token LooksCoin, making LookRev a decentralized marketplace that supports NFTs.
To celebrate, LookRev is giving away 1,000,000 of LooksCoin via Airdrop to the crypto community.

▪️Just to do simple social media tasks, there are many tasks which means many ways for you to get some reward... Do you want to know what the tasks are?..., Just follow and/or like the LookRev profiles, sharing and/or creating a post about LookRev And then send all the information required in the form provided

⏰Current lot started on June 12, 2021 rewards will be verified and calculated at end of lot: 2 weeks...So don't waste your time and come join



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