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Lunachow: LUCHOW is a decentralized digital currency that can be used as a medium of exchange or to facilitate a trade. It is a borderless democratic form of digital token

hello again !!, hope you are having a great day everyone, today I will make another article about another cool project , which I would like to share with you .


but what is the lunachow?
Is decentralized token ( initially developed on the Ethereum network). It is 100% community-driven and DeFi most aggressive burn structure. LunaChow token will serve as a powerful digital settlement for global citizens. LunaChow’s core values of transparency, collaboration, and commitment deliver unprecedented integrity to the growing DeFi space... initially I said that it is developed on the Ethereum network because there is also the availability to perform "bridge": LunaChow currently provided fraction of the circulating supply on Binance Smart Chain, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, Harmony and Fantom for trading. This process is known as Bridge Network Integration

LUCHOW is the first completely fair launch token – zero private sale or team allocation. Additionally, ample initial liquidity protects investors. LunaChow represents integrity and fairness at its best! with a view to representing: a truly decentralized digital settlement. We have Marketplace, Exchange, Wallet etc As the crypto industry continues to evolve, LunaChow team and community will consistently incorporate the most promising and cutting-edge developments for the benefit of the community.



If you loved the fact that the project is based on values ​​that see transparency, Commitment and collaboration , And to provide tools that enable the exchange between multiple networks, "which for me is already something very fantastic and innovative, so to speak, after all we don't see this every day ", you will no doubt like to know that lunachow is also working on the development of an Nft Marketplace , And on luna show lottery stablecoin betting, which will be introduced in the future

some highlights referring to lunachow: Token LUNCHOW , Available in Multi-Chains, Charity Drive, The people's tokens , Token BuyBack and Aggressive Burn Structure

MLOKY Tokens

We can’t forget about the MLOKY Token either: the deflationary token with a limited supply, It’s the second token within LunaChow ecosystem with a revolutionary reward system and auto liquidity generating protocol on Binance Smart Chain. Simply hold MLOKY in your wallet and earn an endless passive income in $BUSD (Binance pegged USD) & $LUCHOW.
More info you can Check Here:

Listing and Market

You can follow the LUNCHOW token on both Coingecko and Coinmarketcap And it is also already tradable on several exchanges."Centralized or Decentralized" Like : CoinTiger , Latoken ,Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Dexlab, Quickswap, Sushiswap

Now talking about social media, they have a variety of channels/profiles where you can follow any and all news, updates or announcements. Regarding the project... They are quite active I'm sure you will be able to find and remove any and all doubts so be sure to follow them and be part of the community...

Official Website

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