Mech Master: The First Mecha Game In Blockchain

Hi everyone ,hope all is well with you .... I’m here to tell you about a big project I honestly have high expectations for him due to the great proposal he is based on , by itself he is already phenomenal & I’m sure you’d be upset if I stayed out , So today I’m going to introduce you to Mach Master !!


Mech Master, a Turn-Based RPG Strategy game , is your portal to a new world with realistic characters and three main factions: Damon, Lion, and Humanoids, is the game with the first-ever complex 3D rendering characters on a blockchain. In the Mech universe, players are challenged to collect enormous machines, modern weapons to fight and save the world.

Mech Master has a decentralized economy in the metaverse universe where you can collect, build and customize your personal Mecha which includes 2D and 3D Items with unique collections, unique features and statistics
Cool, huh !!


Mech master is the result of the contribution of a dedicated and hardworking team that is working to make this as wonderful as possible.Take my word for it , they are here and will take the Mech Master to other worlds 🔥🌍🪐

Supporters and Strategic Investors

And even though it is still at the beginning of its long journey, the Mech Master already has a commendable group of strategic investors, Something that it is not necessary to say: but is something that gives confidence and solidity to any cryptographic project...And this is just the beginning, I’m sure that in the future it will be much broader💪

Airdrop & Giveaway

Do you, like me, like free gifts and "Fabulous rewards worth remembering" rewards events?
So you shouldn't miss the Airdrop launch that is currently active, remember to run it will end soon, Good Luck 🍀

⏰Event Timeline:
1⃣Round 1 end: 23:59PM UTC, September 26
🏆Winner Announcement: October 10th

🔗Airdrop link

*The top 1000 users ranked will get the get chance to receive Airdrop reward of 300 $MECH.
At the moment the sale of the Mecha Master Mystery Nft Boxes is taking place. You can check more information here and IDO will start in : October 24th, 2021.

Whitelist & Mech Master Marketplace

The Mech Master market will be available after the whitelist closes , which will happen very soon ,and users will have the opportunity to own the Mystery Nft Boxes available , with a limit of 50/person

Note: Whitelist registrants will be given preferential dealing to buy Mecha Boxes in the first 2 hours after the opening, on a first-come-first-served basis. The whitelist of phase 2 will be started right after phase 1 ends. Remaining boxes left in phase 1 will be transferred to phase 2.

Mech Master Official Channels

Mech Master has a variety of channels with a very engaged community , I am sure you will be able to answer any questions , give your feedback , provide your support and make new "Mach Masters" friends
If like me you loved all this and want to stay tuned in all the news and updates, follow the official channels

Telegram Ann

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