Tectone23 : The Future of Blockchain Smartphones

My impression:

Tectone23 is taking a great initiative regarding smartphone blockchain integration... I particularly see a well-organized and systematic development, in order to provide better products and services than those that came before, Not to mention the fact that it is developing the next generation 5G smartphone with built in blockchain technology for the digital economy, to change the way people interact, transact and store their own data and digital assets

About Tectone23:

Blockchain technology can give users more control over their online personas and data. At Tectone23 we believe that blockchain devices will lead to the creation and adoption of the decentralized Web 3.0. This would allow blockchain and technologies such as 5G to support decentralized applications (dapps) running on public, peer-to-peer networks instead of private corporate servers. Blockchain integration with 5G will allow people to master their own data without restrictions on data volume or dimensions. This will enable data assets to grow exponentially.

Previous attempts to create a blockchain smartphone proved unsuccessful for a variety of reasons and have not yet achieved mass market adoption. the main cryptocurrency feature is the inclusion of a digital wallet to store private keys.

Tectone23’s vision goes far beyond this and offers consumers the opportunity to secure and monetise their own digital identity and data via tectone23 smartphones and the proprietary D.E.A.M network. This offers a tangible economic incentive to consumers which will positively drive purchasing decisions, Imagine a smartphone with built-in secure messaging, a crypto wallet and a Web 3.0 browser built

Tectone23 Wallet Operating Systems

Tectone23 will have a built-in easy-to-use wallet that can be recognized as a secure vehicle for exchange and settlements between individuals or businesses without the need of third-party verification. Whilst delivering enhanced efficiency in consensus building and power usage.

Wallet Benefits
*Simple to use
*Back-Up capability
*Stake personal holdings to power the network
*Compatible with MacOS, Windows and Linux
*Transparent Ledger
*Support storage of all popular cryptocurrencies, stablecoins and NFTs

A smartphone with great technical requirements, integrated with Blockchain promoting complete control of your data and security to store your assets... This is Tectone23📱💎

TCHT Token: We cannot fail to mention the platform’s own token, the TECH !!

TECHT is a utility token that fuels the Tectone23 ecosystem. It allows the purchase and expansion of Dapps, can be utilized as a medium of exchange and is leveraged for Smart Contract execution. In addition to offering benefits to holders in early access to pre-sales the TECHT will be able to be mined through a docking station lowering the barriers to entry and allowing
users to generate rewards without the need for specialised hardware. This in turn will increase the number of nodes in the network and the level of decentralisation.

In the future it will be migrated to native chain happening once development work and beta testing has been completed and the mainchain is ready for deployment, the native chain will utilise PoS and PoA and will enable new coins to be mined on the network " Cool, huh !!"

Token Distribution


This was just a general beating This was just a general beating, Don’t forget to check all the links and social media to be up to date and know everything about Tectone23

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