Wono:We create - token of opportunities for freelance 2.0

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Presentation: Hi to all my companions and friends , I hope you are all great with you ... I'm here in another new article to share some information and news and most likely useful About another great project , I hope you like it

What is this article about? About Wono! , A new tool/opportunity for the freelancers is here to revolutionize the economy . Peer-to-Peer Platform for freelancing. Find a new job or post a project.

What’s Wono??

WONO is an international talent marketplace with more than 100,000 monthly active users from Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. On WONO, one can find a part-time job as a freelancer, post a CV or a typical service that can be done. WONO’s freelancers offer services in software development, design,
digital marketing, translation and many more.

Wono: Launching token for our freelance platform. Earn, Stake, Make deals for 0% commission with $WONO, P2P marketplace for freelancing and hiring needs without currency and taxation expenses, is Full ecosystem providing opportunities for Freelancers and crypto enthusiasts, funded on 2018 and already Audit by SmartStateTech

What problems will the Wono token solve?

Provide Digital verification of your skills with NTF token
*Freelancers will be able to work on the platform without commissions
*Token users will be able to use membership plans and extra options for free....We create - token of opportunities for freelance 2.0 The Wono token is part of our future ecosystem that will provide additional opportunities for freelancers and crypto enthusiasts

You can:
-participate in staking and receive APY and bonuses from our platform
-reduce commission to 0% for deals
receive additional bonuses in tokens for activity
-get plans and upgrades for your profile for free
-verify your skills using NTF tokens issued by Wono

Important informations



Partners and supporters

Today we have many official partnerships with companies represented in the partners section. We are also focused on finding partnerships among the crypto community and influencers. We already have media support agreements with partners such as Huobi, HECO Chain, MDex.

All efforts and dedication are reflected in the numbers that demonstrate the platform’s growth :
200k+ MAU

at the moment the project is in the private sale phase... you can get more information in the official profile publications...to facilitate your search for, here is one of the publications where you can find more information

📌Note: WONO staking token follows the HRC-20 (Huobi Eco Chain, HECO) standard and can be transferred over HECO chain... are for those who are not yet familiar with the process of configuring networks in metamask,you can check this article , where to demonstrate in a simple and fast way how to do it

🔗Official Social Media Profiles
Follow us to be always up to date with all the news and announcements and to offer your support...
Website: https://wono.io/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/wonoworld
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wonoworld
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/mwlite/company/wonoworld
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wonoworld/
PDF: https://token.wono.io/wp/WP-WONO.pdf

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